We help Women in Business + Leadership, harness their FEMININE power, unlock their potential and achieve limitless success…

Joanna Walker Wise Women Co CEO

Let’s not just TALK about BREAKING BARRIERS; let’s BUILD entirely NEW PATHS.

Let’s support you to be the successful businesswoman you know you can be, tapping into the truth, clarity and power within you. Let’s embark on this transformative journey to reveal your unique capabilities, strengthen your business, and achieve the work-life balance you deserve.

Business + Executive Coaching for WomenBusiness Start-up + Growth ConsultingRetreats + WorkshopsWe are in the business of<EM> YOU</EM>.

Joanna Walker CEO Business Coaching for Women

We are in the business of YOU.

We all have unlimited potential. Success is a result of belief. So, the power of big ideas, seemingly unattainable goals and dreams that seem too crazy to achieve, is our starting point.

And we build from here.

Whether starting a business, scaling an existing one or climbing the corporate ladder, strategic thinking and planning are at the forefront of the WWC process. But our process is more than putting a pen to paper. It’s a creative and holistic process that requires self-discovery, discussion and collaboration that dives deep into what matters. You will evolve, and you will have a plan on how to grow your career or scale your business.


Wise Women Co. Executive Coaching

Foster self-awareness, resilience, and the unwavering confidence needed to navigate the journey to success.

Business Startup Consulting Wise Women Co

Equipping you with strategic tools and resources for lasting success, enhancing your proficiency in business management, financial planning, and crafting effective marketing strategies.

Rejuvenating workshops and wellness retreats allowing you to focus on self-improvement and business enhancement with renewed vigour.


As we collectively shape a brighter, fairer, and more inclusive future for women-led businesses.



In a world where women’s success is championed in conversation but often elusive in practice, accessing genuine support can be daunting.

Life keeps getting busier, and stress levels are rising. Real support should work within your life, not against you.

As the demands of your to-do list seem endless, keeping it all together can feel like an uphill battle. Balancing a career or running a business, raising a family, managing finances, business planning, and safeguarding your mental health can be profoundly challenging.

But what if you had a place where your best interests are the sole priority, free from hidden agendas, a place where someone genuinely seeks to understand your unique perspective and is wholeheartedly invested in your success?

That’s precisely why Wise Women Co. was founded.

As a woman entrepreneur, I intimately understand the relentless pressure and the need to maintain balance. We often bend backward to juggle responsibilities, meet deadlines, and cater to others’ needs. But sometimes, we need a staunch advocate who stands unwaveringly in our corner, reminding us of who we are and why we strive for more. Someone who understands—the ups, downs, and in-betweens.

This is the heart of Wise Women Co.—providing steadfast support for dedicated and driven women. Each of us deserves an unwavering champion, no strings attached.

Feminist Experienced Business Coach Wise Women Co.

We envision a future where women-led businesses aren’t just recognized, but celebrated as the driving force of the global economy.


In 2017, based on reputation, we engaged Joanna’s consulting company as experts to support our business planning. During the following five years, they guided our strategies and plans, offering strategic direction, financial modelling, and partnership development, including operational considerations and project management. The personalized approach provided earned a place on our team, engaging with all our stakeholders successfully—a true “partnership” returning excellent results.

Susan Bowman, VP Marketing

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Joanna Walker as a coach and mentor. She truly takes the time to personalize each meeting, gets to know each individual and makes them feel at ease. Joanna quickly adapts to each situation and ensures her clients get the most out of their personalized time. During my coaching sessions, she helped me create my corporate business plan within one sitting, which was phenomenal. Joanna is empathetic, genuine and highly knowledgeable in coaching and business planning.

Elise Pennate, Corporate Program Manager

Joanna helps guide you without you realizing it’s happening simply by talking and asking just the right questions. She intuits what you need before you do. Joanna knows when to talk and when to listen. When to push and when to not. My experience with Joanna as a coach was eye-opening and heart-wrenching.

Both my personal life and business are better for it.

Traci Howard, RMT Business Owner


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