Before we have the opportunity for more personal conversations, I’d like to share what you can expect from me.

I believe in the power of collaboration to achieve the best outcomes. This principle holds in both my personal and professional life. Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone.

I am committed to seeking your best interests, and standing by your side is unwavering. While life can often be unjust and unfair, I will go to great lengths to ensure fairness prevails whenever there’s a chance to level the playing field. I may not be brutally blunt, but I will always speak the truth. I express what I observe and feel without exception.

Having someone who genuinely supports you, listens to you, and stands by you is a potent force. It can often make the difference between success and failure. I take great pride in being that unwavering support for those who hold significance in my life.

I trust my intuition as a valuable guide in decision-making, offering additional insight and perspective to inform my choices and interactions. I also find joy in helping others heighten their intuitive abilities.

Canadian Business Coach for Women Joanna Walker

Community is the key to success.

We must engage in open dialogue, share our stories, and foster connections based on these experiences. I firmly believe that exchanging knowledge and insights strengthens our collective bonds and empowers individual growth. It’s a transformative and almost magical process.

As your coach and consultant, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and attain the results you desire. Your success is my success.

This is why I established Wise Women Co. — to assist women like you (and me).

Women possess profound wisdom, and I have been fortunate to learn from remarkable women who have shown me how to connect with what truly matters.

With the right support, we can break down any barriers obstructing our path and attain the success we aspire to because WE are unquestionably worth it.

Joanna Walker Wise Women Co.

On a more personal note

Coffee and meditation fuel my day.

I’m a wife and a mom to two incredible kids who mean the world to me. But there’s more to me than just that. I have a strong spiritual connection and firmly believe that the energy you project into the world returns to you. Alongside this, I love to create beautiful and inviting environments, I love to host people in my home and in my opinion, feeding people is one of the best ways to show your love. 

I’m a true Libra and happiest when life’s in balance. A typical day for me kicks off with a big mug of the best coffee, a peaceful meditation, some stretching or yoga, a walk with my furry best friend, and a tarot card to set the tone for the day. Then, it’s full-on work mode, building my business and supporting my clients in building theirs. The work itself is fulfilling, but what gets me going is the collaboration with all the unique and robust women I interact with daily.

But once the workday ends, you’ll find me in my happy place – my kitchen. I love cooking and creating something incredibly delicious to share with my family. This, right here, is my ideal life. I understand it’s not for everyone, but it’s mine, and I adore it. I’m not stopping here. My business and I are evolving. I am working on the next chapter, which includes living on some vineyard in a French country-inspired home, holding onsite women-centred retreats and business planning workshops…just a few items on my list.

You see, life is all about evolving and growing, and business is the best place to learn about yourself. My journey of self-discovery and growth truly started 16 years ago when I had my daughter and juggled being a new mom and my career.

 I was driven, a natural type A personality, with a constant need for external validation (lousy mix), and honestly, I was pushing myself to the brink.

I was driven, a natural type A personality, with a constant need for external validation (lousy mix), and honestly, I was pushing myself to the brink. My marriage, kids, and health were all taking a toll.  So, I decided to leave my big corporate job. I had dreams and career aspirations but was determined not to let them go because I was leaving a job.

I wanted my work life to coexist with my family life, not one that demanded sacrifices.

So, I searched for that balance, and at the time, nobody or an organization could give me what I needed, so I realized I had to create it for myself. I started a business and started building a company where I could thrive.  There were many bumps and obstacles along the way, but I persevered, and now I have a company that supports every aspect of me and my life.

What are your dreams, and how can I help you achieve them?

With Love,


P.S. Because credentials matter, in addition to a 10-year corporate career and 14 years of running my own consulting company, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business, I am twice certified as a Coach, I am trained in using psychometrics with Lumina Learning as a Practitioner, I am a certified Meditation Facilitator and trained in Reiki Level 1.  I recently completed a year-long Women’s Leadership Intensive course, which was life-changing.

Joanna Walker Business Consultant for Women Canada